Tank cleaning steps

Operating parameters

Tank cleaning methods Tank cleaning step time
Butterworth, Recirculation, Rinse, Vent Length of the step in hours
Tank cleaning step temperature  Tank cleaning medium
Ambient : Cold up to max 30 deg C
Warm : 35 – 45 deg C
Moderate : 50 – 65 deg C
Hot : 75 – 80 deg C
Sea water
Fresh water
Treated fresh water
Demi water

Cleaning Agent

Some cargoes require the use of a cleaning agent for efficient cleaning. Most cleaning agents are additives that are used in combination with water to improve the water solubility of the cargo to be cleaned. A variety of cleaning agents is available for most application problems.
Cleaning agents must be IMO approved.

Tank cleaning recipe

Recipes consist of several tank cleaning steps

Step Method Time Temperature Medium Cleaner Step Remark
1 Butterworth 0,5 ambient Sea Water Ambient temp due to flamability of cargo
2 Recirculation 1,5 moderate Fresh water 0.5% cleanerXYZ
3 Rinse 0,2 ambient Fresh water