Miracle Tank Cleaning Guide and Database – Cargo Handbook


MIRACLE Tank Cleaning Guide and Database consists of a comprehensive information section and a database with more than 7000 different products/synonyms for which more than 1500 cleaning proposals are available.
Information Database
A solid understanding of the meaning of important product properties and characteristics as well as knowledge of cleaning hardware is required to review existing or to develop new cleaning methods. The MIRACLE information section contains both, a summary and detailed background information about tank cleaning. It covers related safety issues, testing and inspection guidance up to a troubleshooting section. The information section can also be used for training and as a handbook
Cleaning Database
Tankcleaning recipes for more than 7000 cargoes from complete list of MARPOL Annex I and Annex II cargoes. Cargo data are displayed on one page. Several recipes for each cargo. Automatical calculation of minimum prewash calculation according to revised MARPOL Annex II. Several integrated compatibility checks such as adjacent cargo acc to USCG, FOSFA, NIOP, EU list of accepted and banned previous cargoes and compatibility with coating systems of major coating suppliers. Special requirements from IBC code chapter 15 amd 16. Emergency response Information for all hazardous cargoes.
The cleaning recipies are mainly methods applied successfully in practice and will be annually updated based on new experience.
The success of a cleaning job depends on many factors such as the material and design of tanks, cleaning machines and their operation, design of piping, heating capabilities etc. which are known only to ship’s command.
MIRACLE provides therefore alternative methods for difficult products so that the best fit can be selected.

Combination of Background Knowledge and MIRACLE Cleaning Proposals Through combination of tankcleaning guidelines indicating the general approach with the information about the theoretical background, MIRACLE will enable the ship’s command to succeed.

MIRACLE CD-ROM and book will be updated annually. If desired, updated CD’s and Books will be sent automatically.

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