Details about our new Crude Oil Washing filter

Owing to the relatively high amounts of sludge and sediment contained in crude oil, the current traditional filters often get choked during the crude oil washing process.
Which requires frequent operational interruptions and the frequent cleaning or replacement of the filter. This is very time consuming, impairing the washing process and effecting the washing results as well as the wear and tear on the tank cleaning machines.Through a combination of experience and ‘in situ’ testing, we are now able to offer a newly designed COW filter with improved performance yet practical simplicity.
In contrast to standard filters, our innovative design provides a filter with a rotating propeller and a unique sieve plate.Because of it’s specific design, the propeller is rotated by the crude oil stream.
The interaction between the propeller and the sieve plate causes the crushing of the sludge and sediments contained in the crude oil used in the washing process.These homogenization and self cleaning properties provide significant advantages.The filter inlet is specifically designed and manufactured to be used with existing filter casings.
The filter inlet, including the propeller, is made from stainless steel 316 L (V4A) except for the propeller bush which is made from bronze.

Our design has been filed at the European and PCT Patent Office but is not yet published.

The filter can be as well used in the ballast water management system.
In this case the filter can be used as pre-filter to destroy/homogenize organisms contained in the ballast water – like for example fishes/jellyfishes – before the water will receive further treatment.

New Filter